Most Indonesian online slot players have had great experiences in playing with video slots that they consider as slot gacor, a local term denoting huge probability of high Return to Player (RTP). RTP being an index of the percentage of winnings that a game pays out after a randomly determined length of engagement.

However, some players tend to believe that by using the autospin function, they can optimize their chances of hitting the big RTP wins.

Why Autospins are Not Highly Recommended

gamblinh behaviorDecades ago, developers added the autospin function to help senior citizens engage in recreational betting just to while away their time. Yet in this day and age, online slot gaming has features that the younger set of slot players will find challenging and dynamically interesting. Otherwise, the gaming experience will be repetitive and boring.

Still, slot gacor players should bear in mind that the amount of return paid out by the game is based on the average amount of bets used to run the spins played over time. Using the autospin function is an approach that lets a player place bets continuously without exercising control over the amounts they invest on the spins.

The setback in the autospin style of gaming is the failure to analyze the disparity of the amounts staked versus the amounts gained as prizes. As a result some players are surprised to find out that their bankroll thinned out despite the seemingly frequent wins generated by the spins.

Had they realized early on that the spins are not winning, they could have shifted to other slot games. That way, they could have tried other games with lower volatility levels and at the same time diversify their gaming experience.

Win-Maximizing Features that Produce Additional Wins

winning from online casinosMoreover, for slots to have high winning potentials, it’s important that they have features that can maximize the wins arising from matched-symbol outcomes. The following are some examples of win-maximizing features that can increase the prizes generated by winning spins:

Respins, which are basically bet-free spins that can produce additional win outcomes.

Win-multipliers that double or triple the value of the prize won from matched combination outcomes of a paid spin.

Varying styles of Wild Symbol substitutions such as Expanding Wilds that produce additional wild symbols to vertically fill a reel. Naturally, the reel expansion increases chances of hitting more winning combinations via a single paid spin.

Multiple Win-Ways also make hitting wins easier since a single paid spin can land outcomes that produce several matching combinations; for as long as 3, 4 or 5 alike icons align consecutively from the leftmost reel.