There are many different strategies you can use when placing bets on sports. There are also various ways to break down what it means for one team to be better than the other. Yet, no matter how many strategies you know or which factors you consider, there is still a risk that you will lose money.

Going Head-to-Head

There are many factors that go into the scoring for one sports game. One of these factors is head-to-head record, which looks at games played between the two teams before the current match.

The first thing to note about head-to-head record is that it gives a team an extra “point” in the match. This means that if the better team wins 2-0, they will get 4 points instead of 2. This means they will win by 2 goals instead of 1 goal!

What to Anticipate?

On average, head-to-head record is worth approximately 0.20 goals on a game basis (so if you bet $100 on each goal, odds would be 3:1). Because this factor is worth so much, it’s important to take it into account when deciding who to take as your wager.