Betting is a rapidly expanding industry worldwide and it was usually used on tournaments, one of these is on football tournaments.

Football betting would have an estimated worth of billions in total global turnover.

Betting serves as a source of financing for the sport, however, may jeopardize the integrity of the sport


Football Match Manipulation for Profits


In connection, due to the nature of betting, manipulation of the match is possible. It is inevitable to have manipulation on games especially when there’s involvement of money. Thus, the goal of match manipulation is to alter the result or outcome of the football match in order to gain unlawful betting profits.

FIFA’s Action


FIFA has completely put in place certain laws on wagering, gambling, and other related activities in order to uphold the integrity of football globally. Moreover, FIFA had created Code of Ethics wherein all subjects involved in the match such as the referees, officials, players and match agents are required to follow certain codes provided by the FIFA. These codes are forbidden to participate and shall not have any interest – obtaining any means of advantages, in any indirect or direct gambling, betting and the like that is connected to football competitions in organization, company and other entities.