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If you’re new to toto, the word muktu may seem unfamiliar. Also, you’re thinking, can I be fooled by illegitimate muktu sites? And there’s a very high chance that these people will be hit. That is how a muktu becomes very important. We hope you will take a look at this informative article and become aware of it quickly.

In order not to be fooled by the illegal muktu sites that have recently emerged in the order of woohoo bamboo, you have to do a muktu site test even if it bothers you. Anyone who uses a private toto site may have experienced it at some point.

What if the site doesn’t exchange money even if you see the profit? It’s about losing money. They earn money from their members’ recharges. If the site’s financial strength isn’t strong, you’re devastating its members.


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Typical muktu damage cases

The method by which muktu sites eat up members is evolving day by day. Let me tell you a few types of things that I hope you don’t get fooled into anymore.

1. Unknown message

If you signed up for any of the private totos, you would have entered your personal information. At that moment, your information will spread in the toto industry. That’s why you get messages from sites you don’t even know. If you’ve ever received a message, have you ever received a message that says, “I have a piece of money, so try it”? This is mostly done to attract members from new sites. They are asked to take the personal information of their members and send them a message about the payment and use their site as a teaser.

By the way, if you take that money and apply for currency exchange by winning the profit, the site will be muffled. The picture you want on your site is to have you join your site and enjoy it, and you like your site and use it continuously. However, if you see a profit, of course, you are losing money to yourself, so you will be stuck. The new site is not very funded.

2. Induce deposits

While placing a bet on the toto site you are currently using, if you try to exchange money, you may receive a note from the customer center of the site. The content of the note is “you can exchange money by depositing the cost of opening an account to be exchanged” it would usually be something like this. Many members believe in these sounds and make deposits. The account to be exchanged is my account, but what do you open… It doesn’t make sense with common sense at all. However, safe playgrounds do not induce these additional deposits.

3. Distributors

Most members are drawn to the hit rates of the distributors and want to enter a family room run by the distributors. If you want to enter a family room run by a distributor, they will only allow you to enter the family room if you need to sign up for their site. In this way, you will sign up for a site that the distributor will introduce you to. However, the distributors’ profits come from the members, so if the members win a lot of money, they will be stuck.

Or they often shoot the opposite pick so that members can’t see the profits. Most distributors are highly informed. In addition, having a family room can make it even more necessary for members. However, there are no conditions for a family room. Members can leave and enter whenever they wish. The safe playground we guarantee is not coercive to use. The choice is yours. If you’re afraid of stuffing, use it. Just because anyone enters doesn’t mean the hit rate is poor. It boasts a higher hit rate than other family rooms and has built trust by transparently disclosing the hits.